Fresco Cheese



Fetta is a brined curd cheese with a soft to firm granulated texture, creamy colour and salty flavour. Ours is an Australian made Greek style, stored in brine and available in blocks, small cubes and even crumbled. Great as a table cheese, in baked goods such as pies and pastries, and perfect in salads, it can take the place of many other cheeses.

Ingredients: Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Non-animal Rennet, Starter, Salt.
Shelf life: 180 days In brine. (12 months if frozen and stored at -18°Celsius)
Storage: Keep refrigerated at 2 to 4°Celsius.
Halal: Yes.
Kosher: Yes.
GMO: No.

Nutritional Information per 100g:
Energy 1273 kJ
304 (cal)
Protein 19.1g
Fat – Total 24.8g
Fat – Saturated 16.5g
Carbohydrate – Total 1.8g
Carbohydrate – Sugars Less than 1g
Sodium 787mg
Potassium 59mg
Calcium 249mg


  • 180g per unit, 8 per carton.
  • 2kg per unit, 3 per carton.
  • 12kg unit.


  • 3kg per unit, 2 per carton.


  • 2kg per unit, 3 per carton.
  • 12kg per unit.